Blithering Geniuses

A Call to Adventurers

(Art by Rasmus Berggreen)

The Hegemony has put out word that it is looking for skilled adventurers to retrieve living and intact examples of unusual creatures outside the borders of the Hegemony so that they may be studied. Divination will be provided to locate the creatures, but the adventurers’ ability to devise safe transport for the creatures is as important as their ability to subdue them, and to be able to protect themselves and their living cargo as they traverse potentially hostile lands. The Hegemony will pay 200 platinum per adventurer per creature safely retrieved, and the contact in the Blither Majuscule on the Hegemony’s border may provide bonuses for quick retrievals, extra specimens, or other examples of exemplary service. In addition, the adventure’s have the opportunity to earn the Hegemony’s favor.



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