Blithering Geniuses

Tea Party and The Second Task

The party returned to Verge dragging the tusked beast. They were met outside the bubble by Blither Delveflight, who paid them and asked numerous questions about observed behavior in the creature. She then had to re-calibrate the seeker stone, meaning the adventurers had the day free.

They first went to the brightly lit and brightly colored temple of Torchsong, the Lightbringer.


There they witnessed the resident cleric, Blither Embertrust, removing a curse from an adventurer, Blither BrainSquawker. BrainSquawker was upset that a curse she had received in the lower planes had affected her friends and family instead of her.

The party was kind enough to awkwardly wait during this conversation, then had Jemax’s eye regenerated. Embertrust attempted to make them feel welcome in the temple when things had not gone wrong, but this was not communicated well.


Jack demonstrated his distaste for the Illumian god, then left quickly, as did Jemax. Korin stayed to talk with the adventurer, and Elliwyck stood by awkwardly. Korin managed to bring some comfort and perspective to BrainSquawker, who joined the party for food and drink. A combination of Sylvan tea, alcohol, and emotions lead to hilarity, including Korin being trapped in an illusion of a bean until he could correctly say Elliwyck Marigold Wilhelmina Cerisebean, which never occurred.

In the morning, the hung over group left for their second task, this time to the Southeast. They walked among enormous trees that were covered in giant mushrooms. Jack attempted to learn Jemax’s language, and the party discussed Myconids, the mushroom people.


The party eventually came to a glade where the met several Killoren who demanded a sacrifice of flesh to tread on holy ground.


Despite Jack’s valiant attempts at diplomacy, the Killoren attacked. Elliwyck had the unpleasant new experience of getting hurt in combat. Jack wanted to investigate the pit that emanated horrible smells, while Jemax insisted on taking a breather. They all eventually investigated the noxious fungus that the seeker stone was pointing to. It dissolved all organic matter that rested against it.


Jack designed a cart, which Elliwyck lined with glass to transport the… creatures (?).

Elliwyck gathered a mole army to give the pit a sloped side, but this proved unnecessary as Jack had just finished lifting the fungi with a stolen spell of greater mage hand.

They all got sick at various points, then learned some coping mechanisms for the smell for the return journey.



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