Blithering Geniuses

Verge and the first task


The protagonists arrived in Verge, where they endured a long conversation with stablemaster Gast and had their horses stabled by Drek.

After passing by people playing odd games with bowls and balls, they met Blither Delveflight and received a seeking stone from her, as well as some clarification about the tasks ahead.

Korin and Jemax went to the market, where Korin tried to befriend the children and mostly came away realizing that Illumian children are bizarre. Jemax sought out all ways of incapacitating creatures.

Meanwhile, Elliwyck and Jack went to the library where they met Blither Tomehatch. Elliwyck read parts of several books of varying usefulness about the lands to the East, while Jack copied maps and acquired a book about how to inscribe scrolls that in fact contained fourteen spell scrolls.

They ate and drank at The Drowned Ettin, run by Rathskeller, then slept in the dorms and headed out the next morning.

After a long journey, they all arrived at the point where the seeker stone was pointing, and found the leg of an elk and a blood trail. There was some confusion for what to do about the horses, but eventually everyone made it to a branching in a large stream where a great tusked beast was eating the dead elk. Despite its remarkable agility, the party managed to pin it down and beat it unconscious. They fought well, though definitely not gracefully or attractively. Through a misplaced blow and incredibly bad luck, Jemax lost an eye during the battle. The other party members responded with varying amounts of thoughtfulness.

The horses were recovered and used to drag the beast back towards Verge, with Korin landing occasional well-placed blows to keep it unconscious without causing permanent damage.



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