Blithering Geniuses

Verge conversations

The party returned to Verge to bring back the smelly fungus. They described the behavior of the find to Blither Delveflight. Jemax was deeply disappointed that the extra specimens didn’t make the favor happen any faster, but the party was all rewarded with double payment.

They went to the baths, where they met Blither Yearns-For-Knowledge. Jemax utterly intrigued and befuddled Yearns, Jack made plans to meet up with them later to discuss more, Korin made some goodnatured jokes about Jack’s ‘date’, and Ellie stood witness in awkward horror.

They all went to the Drowned Ettin feasthall and pub, where they met Besser, the tanner. Jack gifted Korin with quality tea, then disappeared to talk with Yearns, while the rest of them listened to Besser’s difficult day taxidermying some bizarre creature. Jemax and Besser bonded over the difficulty of skinning animals and people’s willingness to help with the task as a measure of their friendship. Korin tasted Besser’s mead with whiskey without being tempted to actually drink any. Jemax and Ellie appreciated each other’s knowledge of creatures, in perhaps their first moment of mutual respect and understanding. Korin had the group leave before their drunkenness turned to property damage, and they investigated the taxidermied creature at Besser’s shop.

The next day, they visited the alchemist to identify their potions. Then Ellie and Jack went to the library to identify their magic items. Jack ‘checked out’ a book for Ellie about wood elves. Meanwhile, Korin and Jemax wandered the park, where they played a game of tag, and then the gardens on the outside of the bubble, where they met Krummholz.

The party then all went shopping. At The Dancing Fortress, they talked with master armorer Blither Slambastion, who thought he could create some unique armor suited for Jemax. Jemax’s tattoos were discussed. At Incisive Advance, they spoke to the weaponsmith, Blither Yestermirror, who told Ellie about the reconstruction of the sword of the great Gnomish hero, Fizziwig One-name. She was fascinated by Jack’s sword and its history, leading Ellie to speculate more about Jack’s past.



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