Blithering Geniuses

!xoon's betrayal and the stressful return to Verge

Around dawn, !xoon (or someone imitating him to an impressive degree of accuracy) came into the camp, wondering how they had fended off the dragon. As soon as he was told that it was an illusion, he offered the party tea. Korin and Elly passed out, and Jack and Jemax, who until that moment had been hidden, attacked. Upon his death, !xoon reverted to Zern form. The party quickly left and pushed through exhaustion to return to Verge as quickly as they could.

In Verge, they collected a hefty reward, reported to the Sane Guard to let them know about the Zern attack, and rested. Over the next few days, they visited the library a couple times, ate obscene amounts of food, researched shaped regeneration, got Jemax regenerated, visited the Griffin Down Lodge and met its proprieter Gesellschein, trained the colorful bird, told wild stories to children, debated whether there had ever been a real wood elf named !xoon or if it had been a Zern all along, threatened guards, went shopping, and talked with Zimble Bomblir Glitzbender Warbleclank.

After they did all they needed to do in town, they set off to the North.



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