Blithering Geniuses

Zern and Bismount

The party encountered two Zern Bladethralls dragging a wood elf in a net. The group defeated the monsters and talked with !xoon, who was grateful for the rescue.

On Bismount, the spire of bismuth crystal, they found bright red birds that shot out color spray when startled, an effect that was magnified by the shiny surroundings. The party collected almost 30 eggs, plus three adults, one of which Korin had befriended and wanted to train. They constructed some portable nests and took an example nest so that they could transport the collection back to Verge.

On the return trip, they were ambushed in the night while Korin was on watch. Four Zern bladethralls and two Zern attacked, rearranging the very flesh of the party members. The Zern were frightened off by an illusion of a bronze dragon, leaving the bladethralls to fight the illusion and be slaughtered. Elly was rather amused by having fooled everyone with the illusion. Jemax was less thrilled, to say the least, and stormed off angrily.



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