The tall, pale, and often bald figures look much like the humans that they were created from, except for the glowing words of the Illumian language that float around their heads.

Illumians came into existence 511 years ago with The Ritual of the Word Made Flesh. Several of the first Illumians rose to demi-godhood. With The Second Casting of The Ritual of the Word Made Flesh, so many Illumians have ascended that there is a powerful new pantheon. Illumians tend to worship the first gods, who are now Greater Powers, along with the patron demi-gods of their community, family, or even household.

Illumians group themselves in self sufficient enclaves called majuscules. Each majuscule provides its own food, defenses, builders, craftsworkers, and everything else it needs to survive. Each majuscule also specializes in some particular effort. Some specialize in the watching (and subtle control) of some non-Illumian community, while others set out to invent new words, or seek out all the multiverse’s texts to contribute the the grand reconstructed Illumian library. Many majuscules were once devoted to the ascension of one of their members to the status of demi-god upon their final utterance. Illumians are now so practiced at this art that they are able to work towards the ascension of one of their members while maintaining a second focus. The ascending member should be one with great natural talent in some sphere and exceptional drive, willpower, and charisma. It is the greatest of honors to be considered a candidate for ascension as even the largest majuscule can only focus on one aspirant at a time. Thus there is strong motivation for members to vie for influence and go out into the world and do great deeds so that their majuscule will consider them a worth choice for godhood when they grow to middle age.

The majuscules became allied after the second casting of The Ritual of the Word Made Flesh, and the overarching structure that regulates the quasi-independent majuscules is called the Codex Hegemony. The Hegemony set standards for a minimum quality of life in all of the cities they control, and ensure that no one falls below it. Anyone within their borders is provided with one of Murlynd’s spoons so they cannot go hungry, though they may only be eating the nutritious yet bland gruel every day. They provide pay-what-you-can healing services to anyone of any race and communal housing for any who cannot afford their own homes. They pay for civic improvements and maintenance, including communal baths, street cleaning, and sewers. They organized guards and run an honest justice system.

Despite their emphasis on city construction, Illumians have a great respect for nature and work hard to protect it. Root Majuscules work closely with the Killoren and wood elves to preserve forests and rid them of aberrations and other despoilers. The magical creation of food, water, and building supplies has allowed more and more land to revert to a natural state, which is a marked contrast with the constant human expansion that was turning more and more of nature into farmland and timber.

Having consolidated their power across the Western half of the continent, they are now sending out enclaves to secretly spread their influence to further off lands to duplicate their takeover and rule. They believe that the entire world, and perhaps even the entire multiverse, could benefit from their benevolent stewardship. With the rate that they are producing new gods, they may eventually have the power to fulfill that lofty goal.

Illumians enjoy learning in various fields and often pursue multiple paths to greatness at once. Swashbuckler/duskblades, monk/wizards, Ranger/warmages, and bard/paladins are some of the most common combinations. Other classes often pursued include warlock (with the power drawn from a patron demigod), archivist, expert, and champion. The most common prestige class is Bearer of the Ancestral Weapon.


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