Blithering Geniuses



Zimble Warbleclank met the party as they headed out of town and gave a letter to Elly telling her to report in for her evaluation. A few minutes later, the seeker stone abruptly changed directions and pointed towards Elly’s home town of Hagor. The stone road ship had already left for the day, and so the party had to wait until morning for that fast and easy transit.

Elly spent the rest of the day with Zimble, playing brightbonk in the park and eating dinner on the SaneGuard tower, oblivious to his flirting. Jack tagged along and scared the shit out of Zimble (and that’s only not literal because he was paralyzed at the time), who was a perfect gentleman for the rest of the evening. Jamax and Korin ate lots of food.

Elly tried to explain to her companions that gnomish security was necessary for safety, yet somehow everyone else was not reassured. While walking through the Gnomish city on the way to the Dwarven town of Kashda, Korin saw children playing in front of the Home for Children of the Heroic Lost. Most of the children were fascinated by Korin’s bird, but one little boy screamed and accused Korin of being the one who collapsed the building on his parents. Jack was exceedingly diplomatic and so after some brief questioning everyone was allowed to continue on their way.


Elly was excited to report in and give a FULL debriefing of her time earning favors. Jack posed as her bodyguard. They then visited Elly’s family, where they met her protective mother and racist grandfather, as well as a mass of cousins. Jack was taken to one of the illusion shows and several museums.

Meanwhile, Korin introduced Jemax to the concept of pie, and they bought out an entire stall of mushrooms, which they were excited to see fit into Jemax’s shiny new bag of holding.


The next day, Elly met Attah/Slurk, the eager/disgusting ettin assigned to her. After some tests of Elly’s skill riding, charming, and illuding Attah/Slurk [SLURKATTAH!], she was told that she had passed her evaluation. A ritual bound the ettin to her and made her charm monster and major image on the ettin permanent. Elly hyperventilated from excitement, then went to show her family, who had a similar reaction. Jack’s ears eventually recovered. The family then went to a celebratory game of professional Brightbonk, which the home team won by a technicality.

Jemax and Korin went ziplining and visited a waterfall.

The party decided that it was time to continue on their quest and met back up in Dawnshadow, the Illumian city next to Hagor.



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