Blithering Geniuses

Radical Honesty


Our protagonists met up in Dawnshadow and took the stone road to Cadel, the capital city of the Codex Hegemony. They didn’t have too much trouble at the gate due to their letters of free passage provided by the Blither Majuscule.


Except for Jack, who had been there before, they were awed by the enormity and crowded streets of the city. They passed through several Mongrelfolk neighborhoods, and only got pickpocketed once, and that unsuccessfully. At Jack’s suggestion, they acquired a building to stay in by paying the current squatter to leave. Jemax, Korin, and Jack ate canal fish, berry, and mushroom soup. Meanwhile, Elly stayed in a nice inn in the gnome district of the city.


The next day, after Elly finally found her way back to the acquired building, they followed the seeker stone to a tall building with a garden on the roof. When they knocked, an eye slit opened, and those eyes widened as they recognized Jack, though the person behind the door referred to him as Esser. They party was ushered in and introduced to Spoonbreaker and Unbound, the leaders of a radical group of Mongrelfolk trying to undermine and eventually overthrow the Codex Hegemony. They talked a while with Jack, making Korin nervous as Jack’s heretofore secret alter identity seemed less than trustworthy, to put it mildly. Jemax spoke about gardening and self reliance at length with Spoonbreaker. Eventually, Jack was introduced to Mellethor, a Lumi from the positive energy plane who was deeply concerned about honesty.


Mellethor wished to be introduced to Jack’s friends, since Jack/Esser was admittedly a deceiver. The party spoke to Mellethor, and most determined that it was unwise or morally wrong to turn this entity over to the Illumians. Elly misunderstood the consensus, and so was not (yet) upset. Mellethor did not assent to any form of deception or deceit in his transit out of the city, not even to save himself, making the plans of the party difficult. Eventually, they decided to have him feather fall onto Attah/Slurk, counting on everyone’s fear of offending the gnomes to keep people away. The guard let them leave the city without trouble, with the understanding that the party would be taking the Lumi to the Blither Majuscule at Verge. The party began the long ride back on horseback (or on a purple conjured mule, in Mellethor’s case). Jack explained his situation to Korin, and the party grew concerned about him as he continued to break his geas and suffer the accompanying sickness. The party is trying to work out their exact plans during the long ride back.



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