Elliwyck Cerisebean

Friendly, neighborhood citizen of the Gnomish Federation


Born Elliwyck Marigold Wilhelmina Cerisebean, Ellie apsires to one day put her magical acumen to use as an Ettin Rider of the Gnomish Federation, wielding the power to protect her family and fellow countrymen from the evils that threaten their safety. The young gnome hoped her recent promotion from military patrol support wizard to Hegemony Favor Collector would grant an opportunity to prove her merit to the Federation, demonstrating once and for all that she was ready for the rights and responsibilities afforded to the great protectors of her people.

After word of her success reached the Federation, Ellie was invited to participate in a solemn ritual binding her to a good-natured ettin named Attah-Slurk. The small wizard is quite fond of her giant companion and goes to great lengths to include her in all aspects of adventuring life from combat to pub crawls.

Elliwyck Cerisebean

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