Fizziwig One-name

Gnomish Folk Hero


Fizziwig One-name** is a character of almost mythic proportions within the Gnomish Federation. Tales claim that long before the War of Dwarven Aggression there lived a gnome of exceeding cunning and humor, a paragon of the Gnomish people. Details of the stories vary by region, but they almost universally involve some sort of good-natured trickery. In regions near Adanim, some say Fizziwig once tricked a fire elemental out of the volcano it inhabited, simply so he might redirect the heat for a warm bath. Others near Hagor suggest he is the origin of the game Brightbonk, a favorite pasttime of many an idle gnome. The rules of the game seem almost innate to any gnome (much like the ghost lights required to play), yet outisders frequently agree they are actually so complex as to be almost incomprehensible to anyone but a gnome.

**Due to Fizziwig’s popularity as a forename in Gnomish society, historians have added the surname “One-name” to aid in ease of record-keeping . It it important to note, however, that in common lore Fizziwig is only ever referred to by the singular appellation. This, in and of itself, demonstrates the peculiarity of the individual as it is common for gnomes to have at least four to five names.


Fizziwig One-name

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