Tag: Gnome


  • Elliwyck Cerisebean

    Born Elliwyck Marigold Wilhelmina Cerisebean, Ellie apsires to one day put her magical acumen to use as an [[Gnome Ettin-Rider | Ettin Rider]] of the [[The Gnomish Federation | Gnomish Federation]], wielding the power to protect her family and fellow …

  • Fizziwig One-name


  • Jessanora Minabonk Shocktossle

    Bored with life in Federation cities, Mz. Shocktossle wandered the surface for a while. She found major Illumian cities too noisy and full of riffraff, yet likes it in Verge. The Blither Majuscule is much different than most Illumians, with people almost …